Our mission is to incorporate our expertise and empower providers to make better decisions in selecting, implementing EHR/ EMR / EDR, Practice Management, and Patient Portal systems to reach Meaningful Use, System Optimization, Securing Electronic Patient Health Information, ICD 10 Assistance, PQRS Assistance, Chronic Care Management Assistance and providing Analytics data to assist providers to help their patients with better patient outcomes.

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EHR System Selection

Our Experience

Our experiences in Healthcare IT range from the following:

  • EHR/EMR/EDR, Patient Portal, and Practice Management systems (System Selection, Project Management, Implementation Support, Meaningful Use, Optimization, Template Customization, Analytics, CDSS, Privacy/Security Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan)
  • ICD 10, PQRS, Chronic Care Managment, Value Based Care
  • Websites/ Social Media/ Marketing
  • Executive Search/ Recruitment
  • Technology Management and Penetration Testing
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Medical Practice Management Consultants

Dedicated Professionals

We bring together the following:

  • EHR & Practice Management & Patient Portal Consultants
  • ICD10, PQRS, Chronic Care Management & Value Based Care Consultants
  • IT Professionals
  • Website/ Social Media/Marketing Professionals
  • Software Vendors
  • Recruitment/ Executive Search Professionals
  • Practice Appraisal/ Valuation Consultants
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EHR Project Management and Implementation

Comprehensive Services

We provide a wide variety of services surrounding  EHR/ EMR/ EDR, Practice Management, and Patient Portal system to best fit your specialty and workflow. We help you achieve Meaningful Use and potentially qualify for funds under the ARRA's HiTech Act. We provide EHR and Practice Management Optimization, Security, & Analytics Consulting.

We assist in ICD 10, PQRS, Chronic Care Management, and Value Based Care.

We offer a full array of marketing and social media services focused on promoting your organization and increasing revenue.

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EHR Project Management and Implementation

Global Locations

EHR & Practice Management Consultants provides global consulting and recruiting services to assist you anywhere  in regards to Healthcare IT Services, Social Media/Marketing Services, Appraisal/ Valuation, Analytics and Healthcare Recruitment Needs.

We bring a talented team to provide onsite or remote consulting and recruitment services based on your needs.

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EHR Project Management and Implementation



Marketing IT Services

Products Offered

  • Doctor Patient Portal
  • Price Transparency Software