Practice Workflow & Redesign

Medical Practice Workflow Redesign

Our certified consultants will work with you to help your EHR system conform to your practice workflow so you can gain all the advantages from the efficiencies an EMR can provide your practice.

We analyze your workflow and each user's needs in order to give you a step-by-step assessment on the best redesign plan to implement for your practice. Once the revised workflow and processes are established, we will plan with the practice staff to implement these processes as part of their EHR implementation providing the practice with quality improvement and reporting.

We will prepare your practice with an action plan to continue running efficiently if your systems should go down for any reason.

To discuss our Practice Workflow, Redesign, and Optimization consulting or recruiting for your organization in more detail, please contact us at or call 800-376-0212 ext. 1.



     I want to take this opportunity to thank EHR & Practice Management Consultants for guiding our medical practice transition from our traditional and well known, paper medical record system into the new era of EMR. Working on a one-on-one basis with Vanessa Rose Bisceglie, MBA, B.S. made this transition, for me, less daunting and less frightening. It became a much more manageable and understandable process. Learning to use the EMR system was one thing but to understand the EHR Professional Meaningful Use Incentive Program guidelines and regulations was another. Vanessa laid out a step- by- step process which was very understandable and manageable. She worked with front desk personnel, billing and referral departments and finally the medical personnel. Vanessa helped our medical assistants prepare the EMR chart and incorporate all elements needed for meaningful use criteria. Ultimately she worked along side each physician in our practice as we started to use the EMR system in each patient room. She was very processional and always ready to help in a non-condescending or judgmental way. Our patients were very excited to be a part of this new way of documenting our medical records. Another very important role that Vanessa and EHR & Practice Management Consultants had was that of liaison between our practice and our chosen EMR system providers. Our focus as physicians is the proper diagnosis and care for our patients. I can’t imagine having had to do all this and focus on continuing to take care of our patients. The integration of EMR systems if done correctly will allow us to continue to do this.

     As Vanessa Bisceglie and EHR & Practice Management Consultants continue to work with us to further refine and continue to hit all the meaningful use targets, our practice continues to become stronger and the continuity and consistency of care for our patients has markedly improved. I strongly recommend, to all my medical colleagues, Vanessa Biscegliee, MBA, B.S. and EHR & Practice Management Consultants. This is an investment that you will never regret and that has great returns! Thank you again Vanessa and keep up the great work!!!


Guadalupe Bustamante, M.D.

Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

Cavero Medical Group

4007 W. 63rd St.

Chicago, Illinois 60629