Meaningful Use

Allow Our Meaningful Use Experts Assist Your Provider Organization to Achieve the Multiple Stages of Meaningful Use. Our Meaningful Use Program Services are provided by Subject Matter Experts in your Specific EHR.


1) Conduct A Gap Analysis

2) Educate the Providers and Staff on the workflow roles and responsibilities that will give their practice the requirements needed to achieve Meaningful Use Measures.

3) Our Analytics Team will create a timeline that determines how long it will take each provider to meet their MU measures.

4) Our Analytics Team will continue to Monitor Providers & Staff at specified intervals of time to ensure they are continuing to meet the MU Measures and provide action plans for improvement.

5) If the provider organization is not meeting the objectives according to the predesigned time table for attestation we will intervene and provide additional assistance. It is our promised commitment to our provider practices to assist them in meeting the Meaningful Use Requirements based on the specific needs of their organization.

6) Prior to attestation we perform a Mock Audit, this allows our experts to ensure the providers have everything saved accurately prior to Attestation in the event they face a Pre-Payment or Post-Payment Audit.

7) EHRPMC can perform the Attestation or we can walk the providers through the Attestation Process.



Let Us Conduct a Meaningful Use Mock Audit to Ensure Your Readiness and Protect Your Incentive Money Protect Your Meaningful Use Funds by allowing EHRPMC to conduct a "Mock Audit". By having an external audit team (i.e. consulting firm) confirm your attestation documents (the same way as CMS) your practice is able to safe guard your Meaningful Use Incentive Money. Your Providers will be more confident than ever, if you should get a call from CMS.

We Help Hospitals & Practices Undergoing CMS EHR Meaningful Use Audits & Appeals

What do I need to do to avoid a potential audit?

I received an audit engagement letter. What do I do?

We can help you prevent or help you handle an audit.

In order to withstand a potential audit the proper documentation needs to be available to support the attestation. It is important to save the proper documentation before attestation.  If you are worried you are not compliant, we can provide a Mock Audit by completing an in-depth assessment and identify any gaps to assist in mitigation prior to an audit.

Our highly skilled consultants have a knowledge of the meaningful use audit and appeals process and timely response rates to meet your deadline:

  • Initial phone conference within 12 hours of contact
  • Communication with staff to understand the status of the current audit
  • Immediate review of all communication between the relevant hospital or practice and auditor
  • Develop, author, and submit the audit/appeal based on best strategy and strongest possible defense
  • Lead your staff in every step of the process

All eligible professionals (EPs), eligible hospitals (EHs), and critical access hospitals (CAHs) attesting to receive an incentive payment for either the Medicare or Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program may be subject to an audit both pre-and post payment.  

In addition to the post-payment audits that have been conducted since 2012, CMS began pre-payment audits, starting with attestations submitted during and after January 2013. CMS has also gone on record saying that at a minimum, 5% -10% of EHR Incentive Program participants will be audited.

CMS Resource links for Eligible Professionals (EPs) and Eligible Hospitals (EHs) participating in the EHR Incentive Program are as follows:

CMS is taking the potential for fraud in the meaningful use program seriously.  If you are aware of significant issues with an already submitted attestation or have received an audit engagement letter from CMS and its contractor Figlozzi and Company, EHR Meaningful Use Audit Team, or a State performing a Medicaid Audit we can help you.  Call us at 847-322-0139 or email us at

Common Questions we Address:
  • How do I Prepare for an Audit?
  • Who is Selected for an Audit?
  • How Can a Provider Avoid An Audit?
  • How is a Provider Notified he/she will be Audited?
  • What Documentation is Needed in An Audit?
  • What are Steps in Audit Process?
  • What are Audit Best Practices?
  • How Do I Help Avoid An Audit?
  • What is the Appeals Process?
  • What is a Mock Audit?
  • Should I do a Mock Audit?
  • What are Common Mistakes Made During Attestation?
  • Who typically gets audited and what is considered suspicious data?
  • What are common reasons providers fail the audit process?
  • Why do the Majority of Meaningful Use audits fail based on simple Yes/No Measures than the more complex numerator / denominator based measures?
  • What is Another Possible Way to Fail An Audit in 2015?