EHR Optimization

EHR Optimization

Let Us Conduct an EHR Optimization Assessment to Improve Quality Outcomes for your Patients and Realize Financial Incentives for Your Practice

Does Your Organization Have One or More Of The Following Issues?

  • Are you struggling to see the same number of patients since implementing an EHR?
  • Are you still using Dictation/ Transcription services along side your EHR?
  • Are your Providers spending too much time on documentation within the EHR and not interacting with your patients?
  • Do you need your EHR Templates customized to fit the provider's workflow?
  • Do you need your EHR templates customized to accommodate documenting information for research studies or managing particular disease states?
  • Would you rather improve existing functionality and workflows in current EHR or face the financial challenges of replacing your EHR system?

EHRPMC Can Help Your Practice Optimize Your System to Meet Your Needs

Our Certified & Experienced EHR Optimization Consultants will use their extensive expertise to help your organization optimize your EHR. EHRPMC can provide extensive support and resources to help your practice get the most out of its EHR investment. EHRPMC experts have assisted hundreds of clinics in applying their technology to support improved clinical decision making and quality outcomes for their patients while saving the practices time and money.

Our Optimization Services:

  1. Workflow/Gap Analysis
  2. Customized Best Practice Recommendations
  3. Execution Planning
  4. Strategic Planning and Communication
  5. Optimization & Additional Training
  6. Post Optimization Follow-up

Regardless of your organizations reasoning for optimization, it is important to recognize common challenges and formulate improvement strategies that assist your clinicians and revenue cycle staff to provide effective, accessible, and sustainable health care for the patient population, while also realizing financial incentives.