Marketing IT Services

Marketing Services

Marketing and social technologies have begun to play a bigger role in health care than ever before and many practices do not have a dedicated marketing department or hospitals need additional staff to expand in this area.

Whether it's researching treatments, reaching out to ailment communities or collaborating around the world, medicine has become a focus of social media and is an element of "Patient Centered Healthcare."

  • 60 million consumers now use new media to share their health experiences online
  • 250 US hospitals use social media
  • 142 US hospitals have You Tube channels
  • 160 US hospitals maintain Twitter accounts
  • 83 US hospitals have Facebook pages
  • Approximately 1,200 Facebook communities advocate for cures for chronic illnesses
  • 72% of e-patients search for medical information right before or after a doctor's visit
  • 93% of e-patients say the Internet has made it possible to get the medical information they need

Can your practice or hospital afford to miss the technology driven direction the medical field is embarking on?  We provide consulting or full-time recruiting to assist in your marketing needs. Practices may prefer outsourcing your marketing needs to EHR & Practice Management Consultants instead of hiring a full-time marketing professional.  In meeting with your practice we will create a powerful, unique marketing strategy to help gain share amongst your community.

Some of the areas that we specialize in include:

  • Website Development
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Blogs
  • Content Creation & Editorial Calendars
  • Community Building
  • Metrics and Measurement
  • Content Posting
  • Widgets
  • RSS Feeds
  • Community Building
  • Video Packages
  • Podcasts
  • Educational Initiatives
  • Live Events/Trade Shows
  • Virtual Events
  • Marketing and Social Media Integration
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Printing
  • Promotional
  • iPhone Applications

In order for us to provide recruiting services or have our marketing staff to help you with your customized marketing and social media strategy please contact us at or call 800-376-0212 ext. 1.